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Posted: 2005 11 28 1733
by panlajen
Today, humanity dreams of a time when all religious influences will fade into oblivion

In the year 2174, the dream has been realized. God is a vulgar myth. The love and experience of life is an end unto itself. Material possessions are the measure of a person's worth. Sexual pleasure is the height of human ecstasy. There is no drug which cannot be abused. There is no conscience which cannot salve its own guilt. Man is truly the author of his own destiny...until the end of the Earth threatens to write the final climax.

[i]The Last Champion of Earth[/i] is a science fiction/fantasy novel designed for the agnostic adult who wrestles with his or her moral conscience on the matter of how important a relationship with God really is to both the individual and a sentient civilization. Did God truly intend for us to create our own rules and live for ourselves? Or is there a relationship with God we must explore and nurture? Does a salvation for the eternal soul truly exist? Or are the days we dwell on this Earth all that there is to live for?