What a Way to Start the Weekend!!!

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What a Way to Start the Weekend!!!

Postby frankcreed » 2008 11 14 2109

I've got to tell y'all what the queen of Christian fantasy, Donita Paul, said about my fiction. When she and I met for dessert a few weeks ago, I gave her sci-fi-fan-son a copy of Flashpoint. She wrote me on Shoutlife.com to say she swiped it to read! I know, right? I arrived home from work to find the following on my Amazon page!

Christian Science Fiction at its Best, November 13, 2008
By Donita K. Paul (http://www.dragonkeeper.us) - See all my reviews

I recommend this book. Not often does an author integrate Scripture into fiction in a way that does not belittle the Word of God or damage the fictive dream presented in the story. Frank Creed has created a world in which the reader can believe that the power of the Word is used by these fascinating and believable characters. The demonstration of faith is natural not contrived. Young believers, reading this futuristic tale, will witness Christians in action against foes that represent real opposition present in our world today.

First Favre and the Jets land in the AFC's second place, now this!

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